Kids' Brunch Club

Welcome to Brunch Club!

Brunch Club is our special time for children to come together and have fun while learning about our Christian faith.  Brunch Club restarted on 9 May 2021 and we are VERY excited to say we meet in person!  We get together on the grass outside the 6th Whitstable Scout Hall in Long Rock - starting at 10am and finishing around 10.45am.

Social distancing and Covid-19 measures will still need to be practised and I'm suggesting that everyone brings a picnic blanket and a snack and drink if they would like.


Who can come?

Everyone: Children of all ages are welcome but if you aren't yet at school we ask a parent or carer to stay with you.  Brunch Club is for our children to have their own church time and space.  Some parents attend church while we are at Brunch Club, others prefer to attend Brunch Club as a family, and there are others who simply drop off and collect later.  Please feel free to do whatever you prefer.

So what do we actually do at Brunch Club?

No two sessions are the same!  Each session has a theme and then the games and activities will follow the theme.  There will be something to make, some teaching or sharing as well as prayer.  It's all accessible for all ages and you are welcome to join in as you feel comfortable.  Sadly we can't provide food or drink at the moment due to guidelines but you are welcome to bring along your own from home.

Our theme this term will be God's Creation and How We Look After It.  We will be looking at things can do to help look after the world around us.  As part of this we will be completing some challenges which will help us get our Blue Peter 'green' badges but we will also be challenging our church family to be more environmentally-friendly!

When can I come?

This term we will be meeting on 9 May, 23 May, 13 June, 27 June and 13 July.

Information for Parents/Carers

All leaders and helpers are DBS checked and have Safeguarding training.  If your child is nervous or anxious you are welcome to stay with them until they feel settled, for as long at that takes (as long as you are prepared to join in!).

13 June 2021

We took part in a nature hunt in our churchyard as part of a national campaign called 'God's Golden Acre'.  With the help of Andy, a local retired Environmental Education Officer, we went bug-hunting and identified trees, leaves and bushes - all of whic is going towards gaining our Blue Peter green badges.

Below are some pictures from our Nature Hunt 



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