St John's Parish Church


Please check back here after November 2018 for the date of the next course   

Live Together? 

Love Together

Live Together? Love Together is a new course designed to strengthen relationships. We have a vision to see stronger, happier relationships in Chestfield and Swalecliffe. It's not marriage counselling - it's simply hints and tips that you may not have thought of before that will hopefully give you a happier relationship.


We're not sure exactly when this will take place just yet, so keep an eye out on this website and our Facebook page for more info.

Why Do It, What Will We Get Out OF It?

Just like cars need MOTs to check if anything is going wrong, or is about to go wrong, our relationships need a bit of a check-up sometimes. This is true whether you've been married fifty years or been dating for two!  Relationships, particularly committed ones, are the one thing in life that we are expected to do well but without any training whatsoever. This course will, hopefully, provide at least a bit of that 'training' and will go through elements such as good communication, the Five Love Languages, resolving conflict, how to deal with parents and 'in-laws' and also, good sex. 


Some of these things we may never have struggled with, some things might just be having the effect of creating a barrier between you and your loved one. We'd love you to come along and try it out.

Ok, maybe - But What Will It Be Like?

As a couple, you will sit at a table for two. There will be no group discussion with other couples, although there will be a chance to say hello to other people at the beginning and end of the evening. Everything that is talked about between the two of you, stays there.


There will be some talking from the front, an occasional video and lots of opportunity to discuss with your partner what has been said, occasionally putting some of the ideas into practice. You will never be asked to share your experiences with the other people in the room.


What Do You, St John's, Get Out Of It?

We, hopefully, will get to know some new people and enjoy your company.  Let's remove any worries you may have though. There are a few things we definitely do not want to do by running this course:


  • We are not here to secretly get you to come to church. Although for us church is a really caring, enjoyable place, however some people are not comfortable with the idea of church for many reasons. We are not here to force you to come to church if you don't already.

  • If you are not married, we will not get you to arrange your wedding!  We love marriage and believe it is a really great thing, but we are not here to promote our church as ‘the best place to get married’ nor are we here to tell you how to live your lives.

  • We are not here to make money from you. We might ask for a donation to cover costs, but that will be it.  Please do not feel obliged to give us any money.

  • We do not want anyone to feel judged or undermined in their choice of how to conduct their relationship. This course will offer helpful guidelines and maybe some things you may not have thought of before. 


OK, I'd Like My Partner and I To Do It - How Do We Sign Up?

We'd love to know who is going to turn up so that we can provide enough tables and resources for everybody. So if you would like to do this course, please contact Naomi Smith, our Children & Families Minister, at or drop her a note at the Church Centre.  PLEASE NOTE: Naomi is currently unavailable until November 2018.