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One of the things St John's is very well-rehearsed in are our Activity events for children and families. These are usually free events and happen during Advent, Easter, Harvest Festival.  There may also be some during school holidays so check back here to see what is coming up!

We might do some baking, card or gift making (especially for the Easter and Advent events), modelling, perhaps something that grows, e.g. bulbs, cress hair or spring flowers, and usually there is a central theme that everyone can work on such as a Harvest Sheaf or Easter Garden - which then goes into church for display!  There will always be something to keep all ages entertained and lots of things to take home!


We very much hope you will come along to these  events for some quality family time, where there will be tea and coffee and snacks and friendship.

Head over to our Gallery page to see some photos from some of our previous ones.



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Coming Soon!

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