Jane's Jottings

Hi Everyone!

I'm sure many of you know we have a couple of dogs at home - Mollie and Fender - so I'm often ourt walking them.  I often walk along the beach with them but today I was wandering around the streets close to home.  It was bright and sunny, but still a little bit chilly and I could smell freshly-cut grass, which is one of my favourite smells.  I find it a really refreshing smell of Summer and makes me thing of lazy days and BBQs in the garden.

As the long Winter lockdown fades into our memories and our lives are beginning to open us more it's been great to be able to get out more and meet up with each other.  In the next few weeks we will be restarting some of our groups (complying completely with guidelines and restrictions of course) and I'm very much looking forward to being with you again.


Children & Families Minister